Business -AMK International Corp. Ltd

AMK International sources premium architectural products such as automatic sliding door and automatic swing door systems from all over the world and our product range includes high-quality goods from Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and the USA. To ensure the quality of all our products, we visit and inspect the overseas operations of all of our suppliers. This allows us to audit the quality and functionality of all products before making any acquisitions for local distribution.

Our expert marketing team will develop a comprehensive marketing campaign for all products that we promote. We market the products in Hong Kong on behalf of our international suppliers through direct presentations to both of our existing and potential clients. We develop and implement a unique marketing plan for each of our products, including

  • local trade fairs such as build4Asia, CBD Fair etc.
  • e-commerce such as Google, Yahoo, Yellow Pages
  • direct sales calls

Our professional logistics team has an extensive knowledge of international transportation and shipping and we ensure that products are dispatched to and from Hong Kong, quickly, safely and cost effectively. The logistics team has detailed knowledge of all aspects of customs clearance and documentation required when shipping products into and out of Hong Kong. We guarantee delivery according to the timeline of our customers. Our large capacity warehouse in Hong Kong means that we can hold an inventory of our clients goods in Hong Kong and distribute them as demand arises within a very short time frame.

Product installation, testing and commissioning is an essential component in the service we offer to our clients. Our highly-trained technical team will ensure that all the products we install comply with local regulations and are done according to the manufacturers specification and instructions. This combination of a high-quality product with expert installation will ensure an excellent level of performance which is backed by a full AMK warranty.

Our service team provide our clients with round-the-clock peace of mind by maintaining all of the products we install. Our service team pride themselves on making sure that all of the products they service are running at their optimum level and they are on call 24 hours a day to handle any emergencies that may arise.

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