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BLASI GmbH fullfills highest requirements in fabricating automatic door systems. Being a fully-owned subsidiary of the agta record ag we distribute individual door systems worldwide. Our knowledge is generated by a successful co-operation with international architects, metal construction companies and builders for more than 40 years. Our references speak for themselves and cope with highest demands regarding quality, security and individuality.

BLASI door systems can be found in many well known buildings such as the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the parliaments in London and Luxembourg, the German Reichstag, GLA Building in London, Thyssen Krupp in Essen, the Debis and Sony-Center in Berlin, JFK Airport in New York, Tulsa Airport in the USA, the Airport of Vienna in Austria, the ?Bank of China“, Royal City Season Hotel in Abu Dhabi, Hotel Adlon in Berlin as well as many other famous private and public buildings.

Our own development department designs and transforms customer-specific demands in order to realize your individual door system. To receive an impression about our products and possibilities, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

Revolving doors

Revolving doors from BLASI are technically well engineered, silent and offer the perfect solution for your entrance. Two-, three- or four-leaf revolving doors, with or without a show case, night shutters and constructions with diameters up to 7500mm, everything is possible.

A challenge for designer and architects are the versatile creative possibilities. You have the choice for an overhead- or invisible in-ground drive system, a full glass execution where we take special value in maximising the transparency and you can choose from RAL power coating or anodizing, stainless steel, bronze or brass cladding.

Radial sliding doors

BLASI offers a wide range of curved radial sliding doors from our series ATTRACTION, half-round sliding doors, round and oval sliding doors in nearly every size. BLASI radial door systems are technically refined in the highest quality and available in diameters up to 10m and with passage heights up to 6m.
They feature an extreme silent operation and drives can be fitted into the ceiling or invisibly as an in-ground system in the floor. In combination with the under-floor system does all curved doors provide an aesthetical and filigree appearance in your building and are preferred for your glass facade.

Linear sliding doors

BLASI linear door systems of our COMPOSITION range have exceptionally high standards of security, safety and robustness and practically noiseless in operation. Our classic sliding door is a typical linear door system with optional emergency escape function, with telescopic or with V-shaped door leaves with angles from ? 90° and up to < 180° opening inwards or outwards.

Door leaves of all BLASI linear systems are available in single sheet safety glass, laminated, insulated or even bulletproof glass, wood, aluminium and much more. In addition, fanlights and side panels are available in a wide range and finishes.

Under floor door drives

BLASI in-ground door systems from our INTEGRATION range were specially developed to avoid large head-profiles or transoms. As the drive system is completely hidden in the floor build-up can specific architectural and aesthetical requirements be achieved if all technical limitations can be fulfilled.
The advantage is shown in our design where with this in-ground system we comply in the perfect transparency of every facade or structural glass wall.

Security door systems

If your demand is secure access control from or into restricted areas, the BLASI PROTECTION range will be your first choice. They fully adapt to your safety and security requirements and will also comply with specific building requirements.
All three- or four-leaf security revolving doors and curved security portals (man-trap) can be fitted with individual security executions. With BLASI unique are the options that every security door can be built with an in-ground drive system that offers an enhanced design.

Additionally “tunnel-security-systems” are available that will be preferred from airports or train-stations where large amounts of persons have to be guided out of secured areas and access from the unsecure side will be denied. There is also a wide range of low height “security barriers” available to control the flow of people in any building.

Facade sliding doors

The FST automatic sliding door for facades and balconies is one of the latest developments from BLASI. Unlike previous constructions the drive unit is not fitted into the floor or ceiling but integrated in a unique vertical drive mechanism that can even be invisibly hidden between a special glass build up.

In addition to harmonious aesthetics without any overlapping drive elements, the noise and tightness properties are especially good.

Special solutions

BLASI offers under the range CREATION special and innovative solutions with ambitious design and tailor made technique. With our qualified staff do we face every challenge and study your requirements of practicability in order to succeed your idea and provide a solution.
For revolving doors, curved or linear sliders, facade door systems, for automatic or semiautomatic, if inclined or slanted design, with overhead or in-ground drive systems, with special security requirements for public or private use…
is BLASI for over 40 years specialized in the development of specific requirements.

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