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Exit Lane Breach Control

Flip-Flow Tunnel

The FlipFlow TWIN is an automatic high capacity anti-pass-back system, serving the regulation of passenger flows in airports and other sensitive areas in various types of buildings. Persons can pass through this secure mono block in single file and in one direction only. Attempts to reverse or go back are detected by an intelligent sensor system and, in addition, an alarm message is triggered.
In addition, the FlipFlow TWIN INTERLOCK provides an intelligent interlock function. This mode effectively prevents any unauthorised attempt to throw or hand over objects.

· Passenger flow regulation in airports (separates airside from landside)
· Protection of other sensitive areas in seaports and railway stations
· Access to sensitive areas in public or industrial buildings
· Side entrances in supermarkets

Glass tunnel with 2 pairs of automatic doors and intelligent sensors.

Glass tunnel with single pair of automatic doors and intelligent sensors.

Larger gate with one pair of automatic doors, sensors and lateral guides.

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