Movable Glass Wall- AMK International Corp. Ltd

Invisible Connection System

The system has been conceived for glass-folding doors, and features aluminium patch fittings on the corner of sliding and folding glass doors, thus minimizing metals on the glass wing.
  • Glass thickness: 8 – 10 – 10 + 10mm
  • Maximum wing dimensions: 1000x3000 (WxH)
  • Maximum allowed wing weight: 75kg

Variant System

It's a multiple rail hung sliding glass door system. A unique solution, thanks to the variety of accessories and possibilities. Up to 4 sliding wings and 1 fixed panel, with no need for glass notches if you use the guide embedded into the floor. In case you use the bottom glass-to-glass guide, a notch is required. The coupling system, available upon request, enables the movement of all wings, by simply operating the first.
  • Standard kit, without coupling system, can support 150kg per wing, the kit with coupling system 100kg
  • Minimum wing width wing: 550mm
  • Glass thickness: 8 – 10 – 12mm

Pico System

Sliding system conceived to complete the range of tempered glass sliding monorail systems. The ideal solution for false ceiling installation of the hidden track.
Accessories and rollers, of minimum dimensions, are completely hidden inside the upper track.
  • Glass thickness: 8 – 10 – 12mm
  • Maximum wing weight: 150kg

Junior System

The wings can be stacked in specifically designed parking bays, which can be either parallel or perpendicular to the sliding track. This system allows an unlimited number of wings and segmented installations, with very low bending radius.
  • Glass thickness: 10 – 12 – 12.76mm
  • Maximum wing dimensions: 1000mm X 3000mm (WxH)
  • Maximum allowed wing weight: 85kg

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