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Automatic Retractable Seating System

Always On the Move: Telescopic and Retractable Seating, Gym Bleachers and Telescopic Platforms from Hussey Seating Company
Multi-use environments like gymnasiums, arenas and convention centers, even Performing Arts auditoriums demand multiple, flexible seating configurations. When you need to maximize the flexibility of your floor plans, make Hussey Seating your game plan. Our telescopic gym bleachers and platforms allow you to seat big crowds or extend just one bleacher, and everything in-between. Add portable retractable seating units for even more seating flexibility. Safe, easy bleacher operation, reliable performance, great looks and smart seating upgrades and the seating industry’s best warranty make Hussey Seating telescopic and retractable seating your star player.

Maximize your floor space and your bleacher seating with Hussey Seating MAXAM telescopic bleachers. Equipped with Hussey Seating’s innovative Flex-Row technology, MAXAM bleachers provide numerous lock-in bleacher seating layouts keep your indoor gymnasium accessible and in ADA compliance.

For even more recoverable gym space, reverse fold bleacher seating retracts from back to front, creating additional gym space behind the bleacher unit— ideal for gymnasium practice areas or batting cages. Step up your indoor bleacher seating with Hussey Seating handrails, backrests and seat spacers, gymnasium bleacher media platforms and upholstered chairs.

Need to move beyond wall attached bleacher seating? Add MAXAM portable, freestanding retractable bleacher seating units to your telescopic seating plan. And Hussey Seating retractable seating plays for the home team—display your logo, colors and pride on bleacher end caps, aisle- and end-closure curtains and more.

Easy to operate and maintain, MAXAM makes every play in the book.

The need to maximize venue flexibility and recoverable floor space isn’t limited to the local school gymnasium. Larger venues can present more complex and demanding telescopic seating challenges. With our MAXAM+ and MXP Telescopic Platforms, Hussey Seating can tailor the right telescopic platform seating solution to meet your needs.

Our MAXAM+ Telescopic Platform is designed and engineered to meet the seating needs of a wide variety of applications and venues, from school auditoriums to small and mid-size sports and entertainment arenas. With features like custom and variable rise, tapered sections, extruded aluminum decking and our Metro? folding platform chair, MAXAM+ is ready to perform in the most demanding audience environments.

Our MXP? Telescopic Platform delivers big-league performance when the pressure is on. Building on the heritage of our proven MX vertical frame construction, MXP Telescopic Platform seating delivers owners and operators maximum performance and reliability, ease of setup and operation, and the premium seating experience your customers demand.

Up to 36” row spacing with either fold-down or nose mount Quattro upholstered seats will create a premium seating area your customers will love – and pay for. And our attention to the operational details – steerable power, quick release rails, adjustable cantilevers and redundant portability solutions – MXP will ensure the most cost effective facility changeover possible.

If your facility needs a telescopic platform seating solution that delivers in crunch time, Hussey Seating’s MAXAM+ and MXP Telescopic Platforms are go-to performers.

For “Black Box” auditoriums and theaters, combine the flexibility of retractable seating with the stylish aesthetics and comfortable seating of a Performing Arts space. Hussey Seating Seatway retractable seating is completely customized for your performance space and tailored to your seating needs. Hussey Seatway’s innovative Telescopic Platform (TP) provides a space saving retractable ‘space frame’ seating platform that can also deliver the fit, finish and stylish comfort to satisfy the most sophisticated audiences.

With Hussey Seatway, crowds that were standing room only can now find their seats.

Whether your Hussey Seating telescopic and rectractable seating solutions are stowed away or out to play, your seating solution’s safety and performance are guaranteed by the best warranty in the seating business. To find the Hussey Seating telescopic and retractable seating solution that is right for you, and to learn more about available upgrades and customization options, talk to AMK Seating expert today.


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